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  • Melissa H.
    My computer was relatively new. It was just under two years old and it crashed. I couldn’t believe it. I sent my hard drive to an amazing data recovery place called Realtime Support Data Recovery. They saved everything I had on my computer. Yes, it came at a price, but a price that was much cheaper than other companies I called. It was totally worth it for my priceless memories. There is a simple point I am trying to make…print off your important photos and even your seemingly unimportant photos. Back them up to the latest technology any chance you get. Then back them up again. Don’t think that it won’t happen to you.
  • John S.
    As a professional video documentarian, the life blood of my business is video. Recently, I lost a massive collection of raw footage and edited television programs which nearly put me over the proverbial edge. After taking my hard drive to a number of local professional technicians in the New Jersey and New York City area and realizing none of them could help me, I turned to Realtime Support Data Recovery. Everything about RTS — from their personal consultation to their sophisticated procedures for recovering data — provided me with confidence in their abilities. They not only recovered extremely valuable data, but they pulled out all the stops in doing so and kept me posted along the way. And when I received the phone call that everything had been saved, they patiently explained how to prevent any future disasters. As a result of their excellent and cost-effective service, I’ve already told colleagues in the television and video production industries about them. And I wouldn’t hesitate suggesting RTS as the ONLY place to have critical data recovered.
  • Lojafae S.
    I’m not one to leave reviews, but the service Realtime Support Data Recovery provided was unbeatable. I lost over 7TB of data in RAID5 and they were able to recover all but 3% – which was amazing news. More than anything, though, was how frequently Paul would call me to give an update on how things were going and approximately how much time was left. I’ve had thousand-dollar car repairs done without one call, let alone the 3+ Paul gave me. I admit that I shopped around for quite a few data recovery services, but Realtime Support Data Recovery gave the best price and even gave me advice on what I could do if I chose not to use a data recovery service. If I ever lose anything again (I really hope not), there’s no doubt that I’ll be going with Realtime Support Data Recovery again.
  • Mellena N.
    I had almost two GB of information on a jump drive where I had created all of the course work for four classes that I teach at a local university. I showed up for class and all of a sudden the computer would not recognize that my drive was plugged in. Luckily I had a back up that got me through that class, but I quickly realized I had only backed up about half of three of my courses and none of the fourth. I panicked and began searching for ways to recover my data. I found the Realtime Support Data Recovery website and put in request for a quote. They called me within minutes to discuss what I needed. They assured me that they could most likely recover the data and the cost would be $200. I sent the drive off and within hours of receiving the notification that it had been delivered I received a phone call to let me know they had already recovered my data and it was immediately made available for me to recover from a cloud service as well as mailing me a hard copy of all of the information. This service is outstanding! I will recommend them to everyone!
  • John R.
    Paul was very helpful and fast to recover my data. Best pricing around – I highly recommend them!
  • Rob H.
    I couldn’t have asked for more. Straightforward pricing, very fast, very detailed response. Best part? Realtime Support Data Recovery received my bad disk on Saturday night, began working immediately, replacing read heads in their cleanroom. By Sunday I knew what was recoverable, and worked with them on how to deliver it to me. I got expedited service at no extra charge. Thanks a ton, Paul and crew!
  • Tony H.
    This kind of work can be expensive, but after shopping around, they had the best prices. Walked me through the process and before I knew it, a few days later they had found all my lost data. Quick, easy and professional.
  • Dave P.
    I found Realtime Support Data Recovery through Yelp and these guys are great. They were able to recover all the photos and files from my damaged external hard drive. They offer a free diagnostic test and provide you with the a price quote along with likelihood of recovery (e.g. 80-90%). It took about a week for them to complete their work and they sent me a list of recovered files to confirm that I was satisfied with the results. I was very impressed with their customer service and highly recommend them for their data recovery services.
  • George C.
    Above and beyond any expectations. Our NAS drive died with critical data in it. Usually losing 2 drives in a RAID 5 spells doom, but Paul and his team assured me that they will their very best to recover as much data as possible. And they did! We got above 97% of our files back. Thank you guys and while hopefully this doesn’t happen again, if it ever does, Realtime Support Data Recovery would be my first call!
  • Sammy P.
    Paul was very helpful and didn’t seem at all to be taking advantage of me, someone who doesn’t know much at all about how all this hard drive stuff works. He gave me discounts when he could and they were able to retrieve my information. The Apple store somehow messed up my glide pad(?) (mouse for a Macbook) so it was very difficult to use and Paul went above and beyond and fixed that for me as well at no cost.
  • John Q L.
    My drive suddenly failed on me around dinner time in Friday. Most other recovery services were closed and I did not know what to do, and I found Realtime Support Data Recovery does a weekend job as well. I contacted Paul Hersh immediately and he recovered my precious and valuable data within the weekend. They know what they are doing and I am satisfied with the results.
  • Jackie M
    To all at Realtime Support Data Recovery, thank you so much for all your help with my daughter’s computer. It definitely was an emergency situation. As soon as I explained the problem, you jumped into action to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. The customer service, ease of communication, and the willingness to go out of the way to make the process painless was above and beyond. Everything that was promised to be done was superb!!! In this day and age there are not many companies that even compare to the quality of your service. I can’t say enough about the quality of your company. I highly recommend that anyone with a computer problem, Data recovery need or question to call Realtime Support Data Recovery! Thank you again.
  • Jon L
    I can’t believe these guys got my data back, everyone else told me it was lost forever. Totally worth the money. All the other guys I called were almost double what they price even if they didn’t find anything. What I like about Advanced-Data Recovery is they even guaranteed if they couldn’t get any of my data, they wouldn’t charge.
  • Kerri B
    Extremely impressed with the service. I found Realtime Support Data Recovery on an Internet search, along with many other companies. I read up on a few companies and Realtime Support Data Recovery offered the best price, free diagnosis, and a guarantee policy, no data, no pay. We sent our drive off and had a response of a successful data recovery within 48 hours. We had our data back to us within a week. Extremely impressed with the service, very professional and knowledgeable, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  • Linda L.
    I highly recommend Realtime Support Data Recovery, they are very knowledgeable in their profession, very professional, and most of all, excellent customer service! I dropped my Mac and destroyed my hard drive, 2 days later I had a new hard drive installed and miraculously they some how salvaged and recovered all my data. All this after Apple told me they couldn’t help me with the data recovery part. Apple was the one to refer me to Realtime Support Data Recovery, there apart of the Apple Consultants Network.
  • Leslie and Brainard P.
    Our SanDisk has arrived and we are so pleased with the speed and efficiency with which you restored the 1400+ pictures of our Russian vacation! Five days turnaround time from Tucson to Long Beach and back!

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