I thought I had lost it all. I couldn’t get any computer to read my external hard drive, which is where I had put all of my information. I googled for ways to fix my issue and I just got complicated, elaborate, lengthy steps to “try” to fix it. I took it to geek squad and they told me they had to send it away and that it was going to be really expensive. Finally I was compelled to look for a data recovery place, which is probably what geek squad was going to do anyway, and I found Realtime Support Data Recovery. I called and was able to set an appointment pretty quickly. Dropped off my hard drive and they called me soon after and told me what they were going to be able to do. They were able to save my stuff. I couldn’t have been more satisfied.

  • Long Beach, CA

Realtime Support Data Recovery

Realtime Support Data Recovery is a pioneer provider of data recovery solutions. We have helped thousands of customers in getting back their lost data.

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