We are back up and running! The system booted up without errors after we configured the RAID controller to handle the changes to the cloned raid recovery drives.

Unfortunately, we were able to find what seems to be the source of the problem: the CPU fan died and the system was overheating. I’m trying to replace that part, but I was in the system for a short time and it looks like everything is going to be in very good shape. So thanks a ton for that. It appears that you folks have done one heck of a great job, and working with you and your team has been nothing short of wonderful. I truly appreciate all the help and hand-holding you’ve done over the process.

I am right now, making a copy of everything you put on the external USB drive for me, as a “just in case” backup since I haven’t truly checked everything on the server yet. Thanks again for all your help!!!

  • Morgan & Sampson USA Cypress, CA

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