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Data recovery is referred to the process of salvaging data from damaged, corrupted, failed, or inaccessible secondary storage media when we are not able to access it normally. At times the data is being retrieved from various storage media such as external or internal hard disk drives, solid-state drives (SSD), storage space, USB flash drives, CDs, DVDs, and RAID etc. Recovery might be required when there is physical damage to the storage device or either logical damage to the file system that tends to prevent it from being mounted by the present operating system. The most common “data recovery” process involves an operating system (OS) failure (typically on a disk-partition, single disk, single-OS system), in this case, the target is to simply copy every wanted file to a different disk. This can be easily achieved using a Live CD, which provides a means to mount the backup disks, system drives or removable media, and also to move the files from the system disk to the backup media with an optical disk or file manager authoring software. A different scenario involves a disk-level failure, like a compromised file system or disk partition, or even failure of a hard disk. In all of these cases, the data cannot be easily read. According to the situation, solutions may involve repairing the file system, partition table or hard disk or master boot record recovery techniques which ranges from software-based recovery of the corrupted data, hardware-software based recovery of the damaged service areas (known as the hard drive’s “firmware”) and to hardware replacement of a physically damaged disk.

No matter what the cause

Data Recovery Los Angeles
  • Deleted Files
  • Formatted
  • Viruses
  • Power Surges
  • Physical Damage
  • Fire / Water Damage
  • Mechanical Failures
  • Software Malfunction
  • Corrupt or Deleted Partitions
  • Dropped Equipment
If you are not able to access any of your data, Realtime Support Data Recovery is always there to help with professional hard drive data recovery services. We specialize in data recovery for a wide range of media regardless of the data loss scenario. We recover lost, damaged and corrupt data from all types of hard disk malfunctioning. We also help to recover data which is lost due to hard disk malfunctioning, formatting, deletion, virus infection, in-accessibility and hacked ones. Realtime Support Data Recovery has over eighteen years of professional experience in data recovery across California and have dealt with over 1000 companies throughout California. If you need further assistance or have any questions, Call Us 24/7 Toll Free at: (877) 215-1719. We will provide you with the best possible assistance. Get FREE Data Recovery Diagnosis for your server hard drive now!
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