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Emails these days are one of the basic footsteps for online accounts and data transactions, be it an entrepreneur or a freelancer almost everyone is dependent on it to a great extent. This makes tasks like email address recovery, email recovery services, deleted email recovery, email recovery from Microsoft Outlook a cause of immediate concern. Also problems like email password recovery can jeopardize the normal functioning of your work and regular chores to a great extent if not given prior attention. We, at Realtime Support Data Recovery, are committed to provide you a viable solution for almost all your worries related to data recovery. With the help of exhaustive approach followed by a team of expert professionals we provide one of the most satisfactory and guaranteed service experiences. Let’s have a closer look at the major difficulties faced during email data recovery. You deleted files by mistake? Let us recreate them …. Where is the man who never makes a mistake? So it is totally acceptable if you have mistakenly deleted some of your PST (Personal storage table) files only if you can find a way to recover them. Spare this task for Realtime Support Data Recovery as we have a trusted team of professional pros in recovery of accidentally deleted-erased files which may have resulted in immediate loss of contacts, calendar schedules, tasks or other similar items. But I didn’t delete any file? So may be the problem is over feeding… Yes, you read it right. Most of the exchange servers work in coherence with information managers like Microsoft Outlook. The data is exchanged via PSTs which have a size limit of 1.99GB. And if this limit is crossed there might be chances of overwriting or corruption of files resulting in data loss. Thus email recovery for Microsoft Outlook is often needed by clients in these cases. It should also be noted that even if Microsoft Outlook is one of the most preferred and recognizable information manager the problem related to sharing of data with its different versions still exist. It may lead you to seek an email address recovery or email password recovery. Even if you are using other exchangers like Mac Mail, Exchange Mozilla, Incredimail Lotus, Thunderbird Eudora AOL, etc. we can provide you best solutions needed with an impressive record of 90% success rate. Realtime Support Data Recovery services is been working since 1990 and is one of the most reliable name in the industry. With this vast experience and commendable expertise of our staff we are able to provide guaranteed service to our customers based on simple rule, if we are not able to give you a solution we won’t be asking you for your money. We can repair and restore deleted, missing or corrupt items from your Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express (OE), Incredimail, Exchange, OST, offline storage and AOL email files. All work is done by our expert data recovery engineers, experienced in e-mail data recovery to handle any type of data loss.

We can recover your e-mail files from the following issues:

  • Corrupt PST files
  • Over-sized PST files
  • Mail that has been deleted from “Deleted Items”
  • Converting Exchange OST files to PST format

Microsoft Outlook:

We can recover accidentally deleted, and corrupted emails files or lost Outlook e-mail messages, contacts, tasks, calendar and other related items. Additionally, we can recover damaged Microsoft Outlook data files and configuration settings, a frequent problem with Microsoft Outlook when not used in conjunction with an Exchange Server is that Microsoft Outlook uses “Personal Folders” or PST files to store your email and data files. These files have set size limits that will allow the file to grow only to a maximum size of 1.99 GB (gigabyte). If you reach this limit your file will become corrupt and you will be unable to access your e-mail. If this occurs we can recover your Outlook PST file for you.

Microsoft Outlook Express:

We can recover accidentally deleted or lost Microsoft Outlook Express e-mail messages, contacts, address books and other related items. Outlook Express is another very common e-mail client used by millions of people. Unfortunately, there are numerous versions in use today and it is not always easy to transfer your mail from one version to another. If you find yourself in this situation or have experienced any sort of data loss, contact us and we can help.

Other Types of E-mail Data Recovery:

Exchange Mozilla Thunderbird Eudora Mac Mail AOL Incredimail Lotus Noted And More… Realtime Support Data Recovery has the experience in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express (OE) and many other e-mail clients to handle any data recovery issue. We average over a 90% success rate. We restore data where other IT professionals or leading data recovery companies have failed or turned down the job. If you need further assistance or have any questions, Call Us 24/7 Toll Free at: (877) 215-1719. We will provide you with the best possible assistance. Get FREE Data Recovery Diagnosis for your hard drive now!
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  • Realtime Support Data Recovery Services can repair and restore deleted, missing or corrupt items from your Incredimail, Exchange, OST, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express (OE), offline storage and AOL email files. For more information call us at (877) 247-6777.